Our purpose: to marshal the capabilities of brand owners and market specialists in order to forge new directions for the beverage alcohol industry.

Evolving consumer trends continuously create brand opportunities. Right now, it’s time to satisfy the increasing demand for authentic quality products that reflect artisan efforts from around the world.

Today's big companies, however, are simply not structured to manage a plethora of such brands where product intimacy and knowledge counts more than managing big budgets. Their focus has to be on synergies and brand extensions to drive profit growth along with acquisitions of increasing scale. For Griffin, it’s not about the economies of scale, or portfolio rationalization, but rather a celebration of choice to consumers.

With this perspective, we are working to drive the formation of new U.S. distribution platforms suited to this philosophy. To augment these, Griffin continually assesses brands and companies for their potential. This can result in direct acquisition or partnership with or without the addition of third party investors.

Operating both as a boutique merchant and investment bank, The Griffin Group is uniquely poised to become the premier beverage alcohol industry advisers and merchant bankers in this field.